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DJ Per | DJ Devil_1 | DJ Ragnarok

Saturday, October 22, 2016

DJ Per | DJ Devil_1

synthpop | ebm | industrial

18 and up

$4 wells & domestic beer til 11PM.
$3 PANOPTIKbitch shots all night.

PARKING: Remember...there is NO free parking downtown.
The venue sits on a self-pay lot. Meters on Elm St & Main St. are free after midnight.

The venue is on the corner of Elm St. & Pearl.
Neon sign out front reads LOUNGE - the home of PANOPTIKON.

108 N. Pearl
Dallas Texas 75201

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MALICE TOP 10 - May 2011 [click band/song for YouTube link]

1. Herzschlag - Alles Luge
2. tantrum - my vile venom
3. Reaxion Guerilla - Enjoy This Pain
4. Alien vampires - evil bloody music
5. Eden Synthetic Corp - Eight Thousand Square Feet
6. Hocico - born to be hated (original odium)
7. Shiv-r - Blood Splatter
8. Mesmer's eyes - where I stand (soman remix)
9. Kant Kino - Soulfood (Bariuz)
10. S.A.M. - world of shit (soman remix)

[Compiled by by DJ Per and DJ Devil_1]

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